American Mined

Our Reverie bridal line is all made possible by a close partnership with people in North America who share the same enthusiasm of locally sourced materials and the “American Mined” vision.

Alaskan Gold - A rush of excitement and adventure!

Our gold is sourced from placer gold that has been panned exclusively in Alaska. Whether you are looking for a fun adventure to incorporate into your Alaskan vacation or renting a claim of land during the warm season to discover your fortune - gold can be found and gold can then be turned into the beautiful pieces of jewelry that we create here at David Douglas Diamonds! Our current batch of gold was collected from happy campers and gold-panners at Chicken Creek in Chicken, Alaska.

Canadian Diamonds - Birthed from volcanic power and force. Shrouded under the ice.

We gather all of our diamond melee through a traceable and ethical source. Every CanadaMark™ Diamond that is in your Reverie ring comes from either the Ekati (opened in 1998) or the Diavik (opened in 2003) Diamond mine. These mines produce diamonds of beautiful, natural creation with exceptional color and clarity, while employing, supporting and giving back to their local communities. A diamond source we can all stand behind!

Montana Sapphires - Buried Treasure in the American Northwest

When we think Sapphire, we usually think of mines in Africa, Australia or South America. This is what makes the rare, American mined sapphire, one of our greatest hidden treasures. Their color and chemical makeup are incredibly unique, entirely stunning, and stand out among the world of gemstones. Our favorite Sapphires found in our Reverie rings have come from the beautiful landscape of central Montana, near Helena and Philipsburg. These fine gemstones can range in color from yellow to green and blue. The chemical makeup of the Montana earth cultivates brilliant blue tones with a dash of icy gray instead of your typical hint of purple. This creates blues with incredible clarity that would remind you of your favorite pair of dark wash denim jeans.

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