Our Process

American Mined   |   American Made

With the growing ease of outsourcing has come the growing desire of American Consumers to find product, and Makers to create works of art that keep things close to home. 

Reverie seeks to take this passion to the next level and bring craftsmanship back to an era of authenticity. 

American Mined

Gold panned from the chilly rivers and streams of our Alaskan wilderness, Diamonds mined from the frozen earth of our North American Arctic, Brilliant Sapphires uncovered from the depths of our Montana landscape - This is a story of a truly American Made process to be passionate about!


American Made

After our materials have made the trek from the more chilly corners of North America, they come to our store in hot Marietta, Georgia! David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry is the one stop shop that turns the raw materials into the beautiful ring that is ready to be placed on your favorite’s finger. Everything is done in-house, hands-on, and by a Designer and Jeweler who believes in the authenticity of the American Made process.


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